Observepoint Review | Fix My Reports (Web Analytics)

“What’s wrong with my reports” is a question asked by everyone in the tech world. Let’s make two distinctions about this question before we continue.

Problem One:
* Reports that trend over weeks and months in the wrong direction.
* This is a marketing problem. It can typically can be tracked down and addressed appropriately. We will not address this problem.

Problem Two:
* Reports that stop reporting or suddenly have trickling data.
This is an operational nightmare. It’s difficult to pinpoint and hard to address appropriately.
* We will discuss this problem. Note, if you have problem two, you cannot fix problem one.

Everyone loves a blog post that gets right to the point: If you have a Web Analytics operational reporting problem, Observepoint will give you the tools you need to fix this immediately.

Attached is a sample of my presentation when I spoke on this matter at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, download the sample presentation here.

You now have the quick solution, but if you want to learn more about the problems and tools, continue reading.
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2 Months of Work 1 Million in Revenue

Thanks to companies like Hubspot, Marketo and Eloqua, marketing automation, nurturing campaigns and lifecycle emails are officially “in.” Eloqua was recently acquired by Oracal for $871 million, and they have taken a relatively simple idea and made it unimaginably complicated.

Let’s keep it simple: Marketing automation is nothing more than sending a user an email. However, you are sending this email based on an if/then statement. For example, if a user does X, then send Y email. Yes, the process is really that simple. So I did this simple thing and well, created a lot of incremental revenue… Keep reading to find out how I did it.  Continue reading


2011 Update LiveBall Optimizely and More

Writing can be tough because I am constantly caught between the process of “talking” about the latest ideas or actually executing. For example, it can be difficult to decide whether you should talk about the things that you have executed and share with the world or use that time to launch something new an exciting in the world of digital marketing.

There is value in sharing so here are some quick notes on some things I bet you have not seen before. Also, a quick reminder that simple A/B tests can provide VERY high increases in conversion when examining a landing page experience from start to finishes…keep reading.

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