2011 Update LiveBall Optimizely and More

Writing can be tough because I am constantly caught between the process of “talking” about the latest ideas or actually executing. For example, it can be difficult to decide whether you should talk about the things that you have executed and share with the world or use that time to launch something new an exciting in the world of digital marketing.

There is value in sharing so here are some quick notes on some things I bet you have not seen before. Also, a quick reminder that simple A/B tests can provide VERY high increases in conversion when examining a landing page experience from start to finishes…keep reading.

Facebook Content Partnership and Landing Page Optimization

As everyone knows, Facebook is the king of social media, and having the opportunity to integrate LiveBall into the Facebook platform was definitely a thrill. As part of this process, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Anna Talerico and her wonderful team at Ion Interactive. Thanks to their hard work, we were able to generate several dozen landing pages quick with their A/B testing tool (Live Ball, which is great for a content management tool as well). With the simple fact of implementing an A/B testing tool inside the Facebook platform, I now feel like I have truly done it all – lol.

One of the most important aspects of the LiveBall integration was the ability to test different “Don’t Allow” pages. This means visitors were sent to Facebook and during this time we wanted the visitors to click the “Allow” button. By click the allow button this was the “conversion point”. All visitors however, we giving the option to click “Don’t Allow”. When a visitor clicked “Don’t Allow” we had control of this URL and we able to test different variations of this page.


We conclusively determined during the launch period most people do not understand what the Facebook permissions box was sharing. By amplifying the fact that we would not be sharing their personal information, ( “We Don’t Share Your Personal Information”) we were able to increase our conversion rate between 40 to 70 percent. We were thrilled to recuperate those visitors who were about to drop off.


Optimizely: A Simple and Cool A/B Test That Shows Great Results

As most already know, Dan and Pete from Optimizely created a great tool for A/B testing. I was recently given the opportunity to use Optimizely for some quick A/B testing, but I needed to do some initial investigation of the landing page before I constructed my test. The landing page in question was receiving a large amount of traffic from Google AdWords, but the overall conversion rate was lower than expected. According to my initial investigation, this was caused by the fact that the ad text that were built into the AdWords campaign were not utilized on the landing page. I built an alternative recipe to test. The only difference is we simply reiterated the ad text from Google Adwords onto the landing page. We did this in the headline and the sub headline of the page. The results — I was able to increase conversions by 66 percent! Needless to say, everyone was thrilled with these increase in leads!

Brion Hickey 


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