Observepoint Review | Fix My Reports (Web Analytics)

“What’s wrong with my reports” is a question asked by everyone in the tech world. Let’s make two distinctions about this question before we continue.

Problem One:
* Reports that trend over weeks and months in the wrong direction.
* This is a marketing problem. It can typically can be tracked down and addressed appropriately. We will not address this problem.

Problem Two:
* Reports that stop reporting or suddenly have trickling data.
This is an operational nightmare. It’s difficult to pinpoint and hard to address appropriately.
* We will discuss this problem. Note, if you have problem two, you cannot fix problem one.

Everyone loves a blog post that gets right to the point: If you have a Web Analytics operational reporting problem, Observepoint will give you the tools you need to fix this immediately.

Attached is a sample of my presentation when I spoke on this matter at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, download the sample presentation here.

You now have the quick solution, but if you want to learn more about the problems and tools, continue reading.

Some Of The Problems Observepoint Addresses:
* I just integrated web analytics and have no idea if it was done correctly.

* We redesigned our website, and now the reports seem wrong.

* Our site has hundreds of thousands of pages, so I cannot audit them by hand.

* The web analytics tags we integrated need to be tagged the same way on each page, but I don’t think we have done this.

* I see the tracking tags, but it doesn’t look like they are firing correctly?

* It looks like we could be over reporting because we have duplicate tags. I have no idea how to check this on all our webpages.

* I just joined a new company and have no insight into the quality of our web data.



How Observepoint Works:
* There is no integration. You simply type in your URL and Observepoint scrapes (craws) your site.

* Predefined: You select what vendors’ tags you want your site to be scanned for. They support just about any vendor you are using, and can accommodate as many as you’d like.

What Data Will Be Provided:
* What pages on your site are tagged: Up to 50 thousand pages at a time.

* From here you can understand what pages are missing tags

* You can export this information and send it to your engineering team.

* The data is easy for you to understand, and this makes it easy for engineers to execute.

* The location of your vendor/reporting tags.

* Different vendors will prefer their tags either at the top, bottom or middle of the web page. Therefore, Observepoint outputs the location of each tag: top, middle or bottom of page. Again, if you find abnormalities, it is easy to export and send them off to the engineering team to fix.

* Tag duplication and duplicate request.

* Observepoint will output when it finds two of the same tags on one page.

* Two tags do not always mean inflation of reports, so Observepoint also measures the request of those tags. If you are getting duplicate requests, data inflation could be happening.

* Platform specific data: Typically these data issues will follow you across the platform. Observepoint works great to address your desktop platform data.

* It won’t matter if your blog and mobile web traffic are hosted on different domains. Observepoint can easily audit those properties and let you know if the data is being collected as expected.

* And much more!

What is the Time and Cost Factor:
* If you are scanning 50,000 pages, give Observepoint about 24 hours to output a report. If you need to scan more, you can start the next 50,000 pages the following day.

* The annual cost of Observepoint is very reasonable.

* If you are nervous about learning a new tool, they have a full support team to guide you each step of the way.

* I worked with Observepoint for four years and across two companies.

* Each time Observepoint was instrumental in helping provide better data quality.

Takeaway and Recap:
* When reports are broken, data doesn’t seem right and you end up thinking your integration isn’t right. It’s hard to get insights with these assumptions.

* Observepoint scrapes (craws) your site and gives you an output of all pages that need to be fixed. The resulting Excel document is contextualized easily for your engineers so that they can fix web pages fast.

* I worked with Observepoint for four years across two companies, and they have provided great value and allowed me to make many important fixes to ensure that our data was accurate.

Thanks for reading,

Brion Hickey